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Harold Apple is a Jewish reporter willing to do anything for a story. When he’s asked to risk his life to infiltrate the Nazi Bund in late 1930’s New York, he jumps at the chance.Leaving behind his fiancée and the safety of his home, Apple goes undercover in search of the real story.


Before the world knew enough to fear them, the hate-filled paramilitary mob known as the German American Bund terrorized the Jewish citizens of New York.  After years of rumored reports of these attacks, Harold Apple finally gets his chance to expose them. He witnesses a piece of history unknown to many Americans and experiences the brutal cruelty of the Bund first hand.


Becoming the enemy gives him his story. If he’s brave enough to tell it.

In Shadows of Shame Bruce Ashkenas has crafted a spy story, a romance, and a courtroom drama about a dark period in world history, when Nazis roamed America with arrogant impunity.  Harold Apple, newsman, single, Jewish, risks his life to infiltrate the Nazi Bund in late 1930s New York City on behalf of his paper.  In search of the real story, he witnesses brutal cruelty of a hate-filled paramilitary mob.  Apple walks readers through historical events, and introduces them to real people who played crucial roles in the unfolding drama when America flirted with fascism.  In reading Shadows of Shame there is no way to prepare for the shock of the story’s whipsaw turns.  Through it all, Ashkenas writes with warmth, with heart, and with a grace rarely found today. 

Robert Blake Whitehill--Author of the Ben Blackshaw series of thrillers

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